SeungWon Hur

Communication Design, BFA



In the redesign of the map, I decided to make my map geographically correct as much as possible, and focused on local stops and express stops.

For each subway service lines, I used limited numbers of angled lines (0 / 22.5 / 45 / 67.5 / 90 degree except some areas) to organize many different lines so that viewers can read each line more easily. I original used different icons for local stops and express stops (all train stops) in order to make basic information clear but later, I drew all individual lines because of the complexity of the service. Since lower Manhattan and downtown Brooklyn services are very complicated, insets are placed on top right side of the map.

I intended to use simplified map as background but I drew very detailed map. I think this is not really necessary but this can give users a better sense of geography. In the same context, I am going to add parks and major thoroughfare in future work.

I am currently working on late night and other service changes (separate column on the right side of the map) and I will add insets (far rockaway and state Island), bridges, parks, streets and airtrain in the future.

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