Rough Prototype: Mobile App

Lauren Gibbons, Design & Technology, MFA

Research Assistant for the “Redesigning the NYC Subway Map Collab” Course

The mobile app encompasses 4 different designs from the Redesigning the NYC Subway Map class. Now users can choose the design that best fits their needs to traverse the subway system, whether they prefer a map that is focused geographically, schematically, by neighborhood or by landmark. With a simple pinch (as demonstrated by the toolbar in the prototype version) users can zoom in for a more detailed view of their area of interest all while holding the entire design in the palm of their hand. The mobile app also offers up-to-date subway service status for riders to choose their routes based on those lines in service.

Maps/diagrams in App Prototype designed by:

Philip Campion, Geographic Design
Hannah Dykast & Sarah Piper-Goldberg, Schematic
Diandra Muley, Neighborhoods
Elena Pauvona, Landmarks

Mobile App Prototype:

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