Hannah Lea Dykast & Sarah Piper-Goldberg

Hannah Lea Dykast, Communication Design, BFA
Sarah Piper-Goldberg, Communication Design, BFA


Day Map
Night Map
Other Trains Map


NYC Transit System – a non-geographic map

  • Audience: young adults (the members of society that are most heavily influenced by technology)
  • The plethora of technology in the current world causes us to question the relevance of the paper subway map
  • Our goal is to make a schematic map that is as easy to understand as any Smartphone app
  • Most young adults do not use the subway map to route their trips at all, instead they use an online application like Google Maps, MTA Trip Planner, or HopStop to enter the exact address of their two locations and trust the technology about which lines to take and how long it will take to get there
  • Once they are underground, they use a Smartphone app to make sure they are on the correct lines and to see if there are any available transfer stops
  • We found that young adults this connected to direct information available through technology do not rely on geography when navigating the NYC subway
  • The map/schematic will allow users to focus in on their current and expected destinations and be able to see available transfer stations along the way

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