Bobby Lin

Design and Technology, MFA



The NYC subway map that discards geography in favor of a schematic approach that follows the collapsed trunk-line system. The sequence of stations and relative positions (above/below/right/left) are preserved and dictate the forms of the subway lines.

  • geography has been abstracted, with only geometric shapes remaining to denote the borough sectors
  • MTA subway line colors have been replaced with more vibrant, easier-to-read variants
  • the grid allows for 90º and 45º angles
  • 45º turns are given preference over sharper 90º angles when two parallel lines converge
  • the typeface for station names is Futura Condensed
  • all type runs horizontal
  • stations with transfers across different trunk lines are indicated with larger abstract blocks to indicate the complexity of the underground stations
  • as trunk lines split, there are indicators to show which train goes which way
  • terminal stations are indicated with colored tics and enlarged squares with the train line
  • stations connected by underground passages are connected via bold black lines
  • issues of indicating accessibility for the disabled, express/local service, station specific service details and exceptions have not yet been addressed or resolved (not shown)

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